Annie – The Emigrant

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Annie Moore was the first to register on Ellis Island when it opened to the flood of emigrants seeking their fortunes in America in 1891. Annie standing a full 10″ in height, is dressed in green Foxford Tweed green tweed, skirt, shawl and brimmed hat and carries a cord crochet basket filled with peat (turf) to keep the home fires burning.

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  1. I bought Annie in England about 15 years ago and have love her. She has a place of honor at St Patrick’s Day here. She is beautifully made. I’m just disappointed as I was putting some things back in my closet and her box was one of them, as I looked at the address I saw that your home base was Limerick. I was just there last week and thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful town. Would have loved to visit your shop.

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